Syndrome is now falling back into hiatus to develop The Happy Jug into a touring show, and consider what do do with the new mandate for great technology and performance works in Liverpool. We thank everyone who has been part … Continued

ARTIST: Marco Donnarummagraphic

ARTIST: Marco Donnarumma

Italian-born Marco Donnarumma is a performer, musician, sonic artist and writer based in London and New York City.

SYNDROME arts lab and events programme for Liverpool 2014/15 exploring interaction and affect in new media performance

The Happy Juggraphic

The Happy Jug

Sound, concrete, voice and animation-mapping starred in THE HAPPY JUG // a post-human drama about brain trauma, thing theory and the general election monoliths interpose themselves to create a grippingly weird, heart-wrenching theatre piece. a psycho-drama of high personal and political … Continued