Syndrome is now falling back into hiatus to develop The Happy Jug into a touring show, and consider what do do with the new mandate for great technology and performance works in Liverpool. We thank everyone who has been part … Continued

ARTIST: John Bowersgraphic

ARTIST: John Bowers

John Bowers is an artist-researcher working within Culture Lab with a particular interest in the use of art and design-led methods (Research Through Design) to explore digital technologies and novel interaction concepts.

SYNDROME arts lab and events programme for Liverpool 2014/15 exploring interaction and affect in new media performance

Syndrome 3.1: Brain/Music Experimentsgraphic

Syndrome 3.1: Brain/Music Experiments

28th November 7.30pm – 9pm the Bluecoat, Liverpool Coders and neuroscientists from The Frozen Music Collective present their new work allowing performers to communicate and improvise using electrical brain activity.  For this residency, they will be working with two deaf musicians, Ruth Montgomery and Danny … Continued