Syndrome is now falling back into hiatus to develop The Happy Jug into a touring show, and consider what do do with the new mandate for great technology and performance works in Liverpool. We thank everyone who has been part … Continued

LEAD PARTNER: Hivegraphic


The Hive Collective aims to promote new and exciting electronic music throughout Liverpool. Interested not only in the sound of virtual stones dropping into infinite wells of zen-like depth or pile-driving 4-to-the-floor techno but in all forms of innovative electronica.

SYNDROME arts lab and events programme for Liverpool 2014/15 exploring interaction and affect in new media performance

Silence May Be Keptgraphic

Silence May Be Kept

The voice of a young girl reading from the Compline, or Prayer at the End of the Day, gradually drifts out of sync with with itself.  The piece draws on the vulnerability of a voice when it is denied the … Continued