Syndrome is now falling back into hiatus to develop The Happy Jug into a touring show, and consider what do do with the new mandate for great technology and performance works in Liverpool. We thank everyone who has been part … Continued

ARTIST: Erik Büngergraphic

ARTIST: Erik Bünger

Erik Bünger is a Swedish artist, composer and writer living in Berlin. His work revolves around the human voice and its contradictory relationship to the body, to language, to music and to technology.

SYNDROME arts lab and events programme for Liverpool 2014/15 exploring interaction and affect in new media performance

Syndrome 3.0: Post-human Gospelgraphic

Syndrome 3.0: Post-human Gospel

24 Kitchen Street 8pm _ 08/11 With the third phase of Syndrome, the programme enters a world of techno-genetic, post-human encodings of emotion, hope and being. We launch this phase with a series of newly commissioned performances from artists working … Continued