RESIDENT: Simon Jones

Simon Jones is a multi-sensory artist based in Liverpool. His work encompasses sound, vision, projection mapping, smell and haptics, among others. Much of his work is interactive and site-specific, taking the form of multi-sensory installations that develop from aspects of psychology and neuroscience to do with how we think, feel and interact.

Simon plays in a number of groups, including a.P.A.t.T., Aardvark and Amphibolous; he is the director of the Novo Ensemble, which performs contemporary classical music, and aims to open avant-garde performance to amateurs; he is also a curator of If Only, a multi-disciplinary performance group based at 8 Water St.

Current projects include Syndrome, a modular projection-mapping system for the creation of immersive arts events; Candy Cigarettes, a multi-sensory theatre piece touring the Edinburgh festival in August; and a psychological experiment based on the work of 18th Century ‘vitalist’, Franz Mesmer.