Syndrome is now falling back into hiatus to develop The Happy Jug into a touring show, and consider what do do with the new mandate for great technology and performance works in Liverpool.

We thank everyone who has been part of the series, most particularly programming and production partners HIVE who were with us for a great deal of this journey.

It’s been a blast. 🙂  We’ll be back soon.

Meantime, do take a look back through our archive of events from April 2014 – August 2015 here: http://syn-dro.me/category/past-events/
And some great videos of Syndrome made by Sam Skinner, here: https://vimeo.com/mercyuk

Mercy / Syndrome


we’ll leave you with some words from our audiences and partners:

I found all of the Syndrome events that I went to really compelling. They were engaging and some elements I found really fascinating. Basically I felt my synapses firing. I find that more diverse/experimental/progressive arts programming like the Syndrome series is generally lacking, not just in Liverpool but beyond and I’d genuinely like to see more of this kind of activity. I kind of also feel like you’ve only just begun to scratch the surface with it and I’m keen to see more
Audience member

The final event in the series, The Happy Jug, serves as an outstanding example of how SYNDROME is willing to push the limits of aesthetic, affective experience in order provide high quality, beautiful and compelling artworks. I believe SYNDROME should be celebrated nationally internationally as a
blueprint for contemporary arts practice and as a model intertwines subjective art experiences with wide cultural concerns around the nature of language, technology, performance and artist/audience interaction.
Mark Greenwood, artist

it really felt as though we were part of something and of course we were: the overall conversations around technology and live work that [Syndrome] have also been having there were imbuing the space and had in a sense prepared the audience for this piece. That was great
Caroline Bergvall

I’d say that in the events I’ve been to that audience openness has been noticable, people keen to engage and be exposed to new things without too much of the nervousness that sometimes comes with such territory…. I’ve really liked the techy emphasis of syndrome as it’s not really covered by anyone else in Liverpool, and the synergy of all those different disciplines in the happy jug was a great finale. Audience member