Syndrome Sessions 1.0: LAUNCH

26th APRIL 24 Kitchen Street

feat. new THEATRE and AV PERFORMANCE from Hannah Silva, Nathan Jones and Mark Greenwood, and The Hive Collective

Celebrating the launch of this yearlong programme of arts and technology experimentation though artist residencies, events and workshops, with three new works which explore the sensational potential of our new performance resource, The Drome.

HIVE – Unsettle Redux Originally presented with Metal during Biennial 2012, HIVE remix their ‘Unsettle’ performance for The Drome. A meditation on the Pendle Witch Trials of 1612, Unsettle draws the audience into the world of claustrophobia, dread, mundane ignorance and prejudice that lead to the trial of eleven men and women, ten of whom were later hanged.

MERCY – The Nodes of Thamsanqua Jantjie Social-science fiction for the North West of England. Written and devised by Mark Greenwood and Nathan Jones with a cohort of actors, the play revisits iconic Liverpool 1980s culture through a radically dystopian vision of speech.

HANNAH SILVA – Schlock! *Hannah Silva will be using material from her show in development ‘Schlock’ playing with the technology and experimental mandate of Syndrome, with technical resident Simon Jones* Expect layers, loops and subvertions in pursuit of a violent sexual feminist satire.

At Kitchen Street, Baltic Quarter