Syndrome 2.1: CHOROS

A room-as-instrument devised by artist Jamie Gledhill with sound artist Stefan Kazassoglou, using an array of computers attached to X-box Kinect devices. This project brings together popularly available motion capture technology with 3D audio set up into a unique experiential and performative artwork.

The work allowed for the dynamics and speed of a users movement within the space form a live illustrative mapping on the walls, and for sound to be literally ‘thrown’ across the 3D space by a performer – and members of the public as active participators in their own performative moment with the work.

A launch event featured a brand new movement work by SJ Fowler in which he explored the ritual and violence of martial arts, with his movement triggering a live playback of vocal plosives.

The installation was available to view from 21st – 24th August.


During the show, we were lucky to host some dancers who took part in an additional experiment: