Syndrome 2.22: More Than Idle Chatter reduxe by K回IRO – residency Q&A

K回IRO is a collaborative project between California based artists Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst.

Following their performance at Syndrome 2.21 last Friday, on Weds 10th September Holly and Mat presented the results of a 5 day residency with Syndrome at 24 Kitchen Street. We welcomed guests to see a work in progress using ambisonic sound to create a reinterpretation of Paul Lansky’s innovate language/sound music album “More Than Idle Chatter”, to be shown in NYC in October. This was a rare opportunity for the Liverpool music community to dig into the production process of some of the most innovative and critically engaged music/art practioners of their generation. As Lansky says of the tracks constituting his original work “Some are content to chew on the garrulous sounds of people chattering away, while others, to varying degrees, worry about what the words actually mean. To my ear speech and song are not mutually exclusive: there is music in speech, and speech in song.”

The Q&A was very broad-ranging, and a fascinating insight, taking in Lansky’s acheivements in ‘popifying’ electro acoustic revelations, and how Herndon and Dryhurst themselves seek a fully integrated and aesthetic experience coming out of their theorisations; the link between Herndon’s proposal for an intimate production relationship with her laptop, and how that in turn has been betrayed or complicated by privacy revelations in the wake of the Snowdon’s leaks; the ways in which Mat and Holly have sought to integrate subjective and personalised experiences for into their live work; the link between ‘active listening’ in Paul Lansky’s work, and the opportunities afforded by internet snooping and personalised performances; and the relationship between vocal plosives and the ‘motion’ achievable with ambisonic sound.

There was also an interesting conversation following a playing of the material they produced – an ambisonic setting of the sounds produced by browsing the internet in the last 24 hours.

We’ll post documentation soon.

K回IRO is a collaborative project between California based artists Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst. Their collaborations began with the touring project , which integrated live streaming media from the internet into musical performances, and most recently have taken the form of multichannel gallery sound works, music videos, and the design of intelligent systems for electric vehicle sound.

Holly Herndon is an artist and academic, currently pursuing Doctoral study in Computer Music at Stanford University.

Mat Dryhurst is an artist pursuing a MFA in Design and Media Arts at UCLA, and co-runs the label PAN with Bill Kouligas.

Syndrome is supported by Arts Council England and Liverpool City Council

we gratefully acknowledge the support also of technical and venue partners 24 Kitchen Street, FACT and AE Audio without whom none of it would be possible

Technical consultant on this residency was Stefan Kazassoglou