Syndrome 3.X


10 January 2015
—>>>> @ Static Gallery, 23 Roscoe Lane

8pm – 11pm // £3 entry.


New work made during the final two residencies of the Syndrome programme. Two of the most influential young artists in their fields explore the notion of feedback and looping in ways which question the aesthetic and linguistic status of order and reversal.

Along with new film and performance work, the show will also feature a chance to see some shorts feeding back on the Syndrome programme of the last 12 months, and the first details of a final commission by Hive and Mercy which will premiere in April 2015.

Come along and celebrate the closing of the circle of this extraordinary sequence of 15 boundary blending performance events, which has included more than 30 new commissions.



Ross Sutherland – PALINDROME

a mediated performance of a brand new short play. The play itself is palindromic: the first line of dialogue is the same as the last, the second line is the same as the penultimate line, and so on, until the script meets in the middle. “Time continues to move forwards, though text begins to run backwards.” Over the residency, Ross will be working with a group of actors, filming and editing the play, experimenting with different styles of direction. He’ll present the film at the final show, framed by a mini-lecture on the process.

Ross Sutherland is one of the leading lights in poetry, new media, theatre and performance cross over. He has been a collaborator with Mercy for more than a decade. His latest work Stand By For Tape Back Up, was described by the Independent as “a profound meditation on death and the afterlife… audaciously, brilliantly pulled off.”



an audiovisual performance developed on residency in Liverpool, using video synthesising and feedback, soundtracked by Rosa’s remix of the song ‘professional Grin’ by Knalpot. Rosa Menkman is an artist known for her work with noise artefacts such as compression, feedback and glitch – and is a pioneer in the field of Glitch Art. Her work, including the film/performance Collapse of Pal has featured at galleries around the world.